Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie poster 3

While creating my movie poster I wanted to place my roommates names above themselves and I believe that the way I arranged their names works well with the theme of the poster "comedy". This is a center alignment; I tired to center everything with the "Go Canada Go" flag in the back ground. I had to corp the photo a little bit also, since this was a photo taking by me; I had to cut a few little things out, so that my roommates are the focus point of the photo. I also changed the contrast a little to make the photo a little darker. Both the font with title and the subtitle at the bottom are the same; I used this font because it's a funny font; not a serious font, I also used a white background with the red letters to match each other. The audience is for age 18 and above, I placed a rated R in the bottom right because this is a film for college students and adults. This is a comedy film that will connect mostly with college students whom live the same life style.

Movie poster 2

I think my fonts and photo work well together; the dark and light colored red works well with the black and grey shadowed font that I used. I tired to have the title and subtitle triangle to the bottom to the film makers name, but I wasn't able to match the subtitle perfectly. The theme of my poster is a horror film; the reds and black represent blood and the black is gloomy. I think the little bit of white in the eyes makes the picture scary. I went to Wikimedia Commons and typed in Horror and this picture was the first to come up The Face; it worked just right with the theme I was trying to work with. The alignment I think goes from the top left to the bottom right toward the teeth. I face is the focus point of the whole poster. I used the same types of fonts that I think worked well with the theme. The audience is 18 and up; its a rated R film. 

Movie poster 1

I choose the hands to be the focus point of my poster; it works well with the theme which is a documentary of the digital age. The hands are center aligned; I also hand to change the contrast because the hands at first were to dark, changing the contrast made the hands a little lighter. I also centered the title with the hands and also the two subtitles under the title to work downward to the hands all the way to the bottom of the poster. I found this photo in the Morgue files Hands. I used a light black color and a grey to make the poster look like a serious movie about someones life. The audience is 14 and up, its a movie about someones life. I also used a white font color for the bottom subtitle that I believe works well with the black, grey back ground.   

Monday, March 18, 2013


PROXIMITY- Famous actors names are at the top, Everyone knows that John Travolta is the male and Olivia Newton-John is the female . The title of the movie is at the bottom of the poster, so you see the actors names before the title.

ALIGNMENT- Actors names at the top, They are both looking towards the audience, title is at the bottom

REPETITION- The color blue, font

CONTRAST- The happy light colors brings out the love

CONCORD OR CONFLICT- The font of the title is different then the others making it stand out, bond fonts used a lot

VERBAL SIGNIFIER- They are holding each other, they are smiling and seem to be in love,

AUDIENCE- 15+ young adults searching for love


PROXIMITY- The main focus of the poster is the shark coming from under the human. The writing from under the shark to the main actors form a triangle that connects with the shark. Everything seems to come from the bottom to the top. JAWS is the title and is centered.

ALIGNMENT- The title is centered, same with the the shark and the human swimming. The writing on the bottom starts wide then comes to a point; centered with the shark

REPETITION- The colors gray and blue, the title JAWS is shown twice.

CONTRAST- The grayish black shark coming from under the water with massive white teeth opened up ready to eat the little harmless human

CONCORD OR CONFLICT- The font of the title is different then the other fonts; the actors names are in a different bold type of font; the rating and other information is in the same font

CONTRAST- The size of the head of the shark is 4 times bigger then the human; showing how massive JAWS is.

VISUAL SIGNIFIER- The shark "JAWS" takes up most of the poster. Just from looking you can tell the movie is about a massive shark that is a threat to humans.


KAIROS- The ocean; threat of a shark

PATHOS- The colors are gloomy; a scary feel to the movie 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saints field

This is a picture of the womens softball field on a Sunday after noon. I resized the photo and thought it was a nice view of the fields.

Lacrosse stick

Above is a picture of my lacrosse stick and ball that I took after shooting around for a little bit on a Sunday after noon. I choose to take this picture from a birds eye view. I thought it was kinda cool looking down on the stick and ball to create a down ward slop.

Bird on fence

Above is a picture of a bird that was resting on the net that surrounds the women's field hockey field beside the Timken center. I like this picture a lot because I caught this little guy taking a break from flying, and catching him in his natural setting is very interesting.


This is a picture of my car that was taken up by the lacrosse fields, and I also resized the picture.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New York/ Bmore


  1. The focus point of this picture is the Saints symbol on the helmet
    • The lighting is nature/ sun light 
    • picture is sharp and clean

Monday, February 18, 2013

New York

Semi Final

  1. This is a photo that was taken from a family friend right after our semi final game last year in New York. This is a picture of myself; I had no idea this was being taken and it shows my true feelings after our big win.
    • The lighting is good, no need for flash
    • there is a little bit of empty spaces on the left side of the photo
    • Not only do you see my expressions but you can also see my teammates actions

Winnie Davis 2

  1. Same picture of Winnie Davis but horizontally 
    • Same lighting, no flash
    • you can see more of the surrounding buildings and trees
    • The building is still in the center
    • picture is sharp

Winnie Davis Building

  1. This a picture of the Winnie Davis building
    • Took it around mid afternoon, No flash needed 
    • you can see the shadows from the trees 
    • I took the picture vertically 
    • The building is in the center 

Pat's Tips

  • composition in the process something is made
    • the ability to reconginze the moment
  • Showing people in the enviroment; dont tell them that your taking photos of them
    • let them do their own thing
    • take the photo before they can pose
    • beware of the sun
  • Rule 1 shoot tight
    • fast shouter speed
    • fill the frame
  • Rule 2 Shoot sharp 
    •  in focus us a tripod
    • something that can keep you still
  • Rule 3 use different angles
    • get on your knees or lay down
    • take pictures looking down or looking up
    • verticle/horiz
  • Rule 4 use didfferent camera lenses
    • wide view
    • teleo photo
  • Rule 5 be aware of the light
    • bring your own light, or use the sun
    • sometimes you dont end flash
  • Rule 6 the rule of thirds
    • using empty space, the surrounds
  1. Always take more then one shot
  2. Carry more then one media cards
  3. carry batteries
  4. set clock
  5. keep image res high
  6. experiment with light settings
  7. carry lens tissue
  8. Make notes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Copy Write. Copy Left, Public Domain, Creative Common

Copy write-is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time

Copy left- is a general method for making a program (or other work) free, and requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well.

Public Domain-  are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited, or are inapplicable

Creative Commons-  licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

childrens health ad

  1. FONT- both paragraphs are left aligned "strongly"; very clear and easy to read; fonts are in the same family.
  2. CONTRAST- the background of the picture is a dark black, white, and a greyish color, and the group of men are in bright colors '" orange, yellow, and green" these colors stand out from the background. 
  • the arms of the men are also aligned with each other in the middle of the page.
  • there is a pattern with the green X's, the emotion on the faces of the men, and their yellow and orange outfits  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

444hp Audi

 Audi RS 4 Avant
The proximity of this ad is well arranged; the grouping of the horses which represent how much horse power the Audi has, and placing the blue Audi alone with a white background makes it stand out. I think the alignment of the ad connects well. The Audi 444 has so much horse power that the pictures of the horse takes up more then half of the add. The repetition of the horses explains itself perfectly.    

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The first blog page that caught my eye is the TSA blog, the color and the set up looks work very well together. Kirstie Alley's blog layout is very creative, use of the colors and the notebook in the back ground. In the top 2012 blogs i like the " Design Sponge" blog, the layout is every easy to read and there are some example of their work, the front is a good color it doesn't mix in with the back ground. My favorite blog page is the USA today Game On page, i love sports and keeping me updated on different sports catches my attention. The links and the taps are easy to see and use.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Becoming Screen Litrate

After reading the article " Becoming Screen Literate" the first sentence of the article " Everywhere we look, we see screens" this sentence sums up the whole article. In today's world everything has a screen for example, buying movie tickets; all you have to do is go to a computer screen and pick the movie title you want to see and pay, or a soda machine that has a touch screen to pick what type of soda you would like. Technology today is making people much smarter and able to work easier. It is kind of scary how fast technology is improving. In 5 years who knows what we will be able to do. I never thought i would have a little phone in my pocket that can tell me anything i would like to know about anything. On my phone i can order tickets, video chat with my sister across the country, find answer to something i do not know, and i can also turn my house lights on and off just from a push of a button from my phone. Also today we have cars that can park themselves without anyone operating it. Other then the advance of technology in today's world to find a job people have to learn how to work these screens. Who knows what tomorrow will bring us?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to the Future

When I was a kid i always imagined talking to someone on the computer as if it was a phone call "Skype". Today we are able to talk to family and friends through Skype which is a video phone call. We are able to do this on a computer or even on our phones. On a weekly basis I talked to my oldest sister who just moved to Japan about 5 months ago. Today we have air planes that are controlled from someone sitting in a control room in Maryland and the air crafted is in the middle east. A remote controlled air plane that can be controlled from so far away blows my mind. What will we create next? My experience with digital media is very small; I do have a face book account, and a twitter. I also use Skype. Other then those websites and video chat i have very little digital media experience.