Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie poster 2

I think my fonts and photo work well together; the dark and light colored red works well with the black and grey shadowed font that I used. I tired to have the title and subtitle triangle to the bottom to the film makers name, but I wasn't able to match the subtitle perfectly. The theme of my poster is a horror film; the reds and black represent blood and the black is gloomy. I think the little bit of white in the eyes makes the picture scary. I went to Wikimedia Commons and typed in Horror and this picture was the first to come up The Face; it worked just right with the theme I was trying to work with. The alignment I think goes from the top left to the bottom right toward the teeth. I face is the focus point of the whole poster. I used the same types of fonts that I think worked well with the theme. The audience is 18 and up; its a rated R film. 

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