PROXIMITY- The main focus of the poster is the shark coming from under the human. The writing from under the shark to the main actors form a triangle that connects with the shark. Everything seems to come from the bottom to the top. JAWS is the title and is centered.

ALIGNMENT- The title is centered, same with the the shark and the human swimming. The writing on the bottom starts wide then comes to a point; centered with the shark

REPETITION- The colors gray and blue, the title JAWS is shown twice.

CONTRAST- The grayish black shark coming from under the water with massive white teeth opened up ready to eat the little harmless human

CONCORD OR CONFLICT- The font of the title is different then the other fonts; the actors names are in a different bold type of font; the rating and other information is in the same font

CONTRAST- The size of the head of the shark is 4 times bigger then the human; showing how massive JAWS is.

VISUAL SIGNIFIER- The shark "JAWS" takes up most of the poster. Just from looking you can tell the movie is about a massive shark that is a threat to humans.


KAIROS- The ocean; threat of a shark

PATHOS- The colors are gloomy; a scary feel to the movie 

Proximity-The back up net with the line holding it up is a nice rest spot for this is bird. The bird is on the left side of the photo; there is a lot of open space with the sky and trees as the back ground.\

Alignment- The bird is left aligned .The netting divids the photo.

Repetition- The squares in the netting repeat themselves.

Contrast- The netting kind of blocks out the trees that are behind them.

Visual signifiers- The netting is a resting spot for the bird


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