Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie poster 3

While creating my movie poster I wanted to place my roommates names above themselves and I believe that the way I arranged their names works well with the theme of the poster "comedy". This is a center alignment; I tired to center everything with the "Go Canada Go" flag in the back ground. I had to corp the photo a little bit also, since this was a photo taking by me; I had to cut a few little things out, so that my roommates are the focus point of the photo. I also changed the contrast a little to make the photo a little darker. Both the font with title and the subtitle at the bottom are the same; I used this font because it's a funny font; not a serious font, I also used a white background with the red letters to match each other. The audience is for age 18 and above, I placed a rated R in the bottom right because this is a film for college students and adults. This is a comedy film that will connect mostly with college students whom live the same life style.

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