Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie poster 3

While creating my movie poster I wanted to place my roommates names above themselves and I believe that the way I arranged their names works well with the theme of the poster "comedy". This is a center alignment; I tired to center everything with the "Go Canada Go" flag in the back ground. I had to corp the photo a little bit also, since this was a photo taking by me; I had to cut a few little things out, so that my roommates are the focus point of the photo. I also changed the contrast a little to make the photo a little darker. Both the font with title and the subtitle at the bottom are the same; I used this font because it's a funny font; not a serious font, I also used a white background with the red letters to match each other. The audience is for age 18 and above, I placed a rated R in the bottom right because this is a film for college students and adults. This is a comedy film that will connect mostly with college students whom live the same life style.

Movie poster 2

I think my fonts and photo work well together; the dark and light colored red works well with the black and grey shadowed font that I used. I tired to have the title and subtitle triangle to the bottom to the film makers name, but I wasn't able to match the subtitle perfectly. The theme of my poster is a horror film; the reds and black represent blood and the black is gloomy. I think the little bit of white in the eyes makes the picture scary. I went to Wikimedia Commons and typed in Horror and this picture was the first to come up The Face; it worked just right with the theme I was trying to work with. The alignment I think goes from the top left to the bottom right toward the teeth. I face is the focus point of the whole poster. I used the same types of fonts that I think worked well with the theme. The audience is 18 and up; its a rated R film. 

Movie poster 1

I choose the hands to be the focus point of my poster; it works well with the theme which is a documentary of the digital age. The hands are center aligned; I also hand to change the contrast because the hands at first were to dark, changing the contrast made the hands a little lighter. I also centered the title with the hands and also the two subtitles under the title to work downward to the hands all the way to the bottom of the poster. I found this photo in the Morgue files Hands. I used a light black color and a grey to make the poster look like a serious movie about someones life. The audience is 14 and up, its a movie about someones life. I also used a white font color for the bottom subtitle that I believe works well with the black, grey back ground.   

Monday, March 18, 2013


PROXIMITY- Famous actors names are at the top, Everyone knows that John Travolta is the male and Olivia Newton-John is the female . The title of the movie is at the bottom of the poster, so you see the actors names before the title.

ALIGNMENT- Actors names at the top, They are both looking towards the audience, title is at the bottom

REPETITION- The color blue, font

CONTRAST- The happy light colors brings out the love

CONCORD OR CONFLICT- The font of the title is different then the others making it stand out, bond fonts used a lot

VERBAL SIGNIFIER- They are holding each other, they are smiling and seem to be in love,

AUDIENCE- 15+ young adults searching for love


PROXIMITY- The main focus of the poster is the shark coming from under the human. The writing from under the shark to the main actors form a triangle that connects with the shark. Everything seems to come from the bottom to the top. JAWS is the title and is centered.

ALIGNMENT- The title is centered, same with the the shark and the human swimming. The writing on the bottom starts wide then comes to a point; centered with the shark

REPETITION- The colors gray and blue, the title JAWS is shown twice.

CONTRAST- The grayish black shark coming from under the water with massive white teeth opened up ready to eat the little harmless human

CONCORD OR CONFLICT- The font of the title is different then the other fonts; the actors names are in a different bold type of font; the rating and other information is in the same font

CONTRAST- The size of the head of the shark is 4 times bigger then the human; showing how massive JAWS is.

VISUAL SIGNIFIER- The shark "JAWS" takes up most of the poster. Just from looking you can tell the movie is about a massive shark that is a threat to humans.


KAIROS- The ocean; threat of a shark

PATHOS- The colors are gloomy; a scary feel to the movie 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saints field

This is a picture of the womens softball field on a Sunday after noon. I resized the photo and thought it was a nice view of the fields.

Lacrosse stick

Above is a picture of my lacrosse stick and ball that I took after shooting around for a little bit on a Sunday after noon. I choose to take this picture from a birds eye view. I thought it was kinda cool looking down on the stick and ball to create a down ward slop.