Thursday, January 31, 2013

444hp Audi

 Audi RS 4 Avant
The proximity of this ad is well arranged; the grouping of the horses which represent how much horse power the Audi has, and placing the blue Audi alone with a white background makes it stand out. I think the alignment of the ad connects well. The Audi 444 has so much horse power that the pictures of the horse takes up more then half of the add. The repetition of the horses explains itself perfectly.    

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The first blog page that caught my eye is the TSA blog, the color and the set up looks work very well together. Kirstie Alley's blog layout is very creative, use of the colors and the notebook in the back ground. In the top 2012 blogs i like the " Design Sponge" blog, the layout is every easy to read and there are some example of their work, the front is a good color it doesn't mix in with the back ground. My favorite blog page is the USA today Game On page, i love sports and keeping me updated on different sports catches my attention. The links and the taps are easy to see and use.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Becoming Screen Litrate

After reading the article " Becoming Screen Literate" the first sentence of the article " Everywhere we look, we see screens" this sentence sums up the whole article. In today's world everything has a screen for example, buying movie tickets; all you have to do is go to a computer screen and pick the movie title you want to see and pay, or a soda machine that has a touch screen to pick what type of soda you would like. Technology today is making people much smarter and able to work easier. It is kind of scary how fast technology is improving. In 5 years who knows what we will be able to do. I never thought i would have a little phone in my pocket that can tell me anything i would like to know about anything. On my phone i can order tickets, video chat with my sister across the country, find answer to something i do not know, and i can also turn my house lights on and off just from a push of a button from my phone. Also today we have cars that can park themselves without anyone operating it. Other then the advance of technology in today's world to find a job people have to learn how to work these screens. Who knows what tomorrow will bring us?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to the Future

When I was a kid i always imagined talking to someone on the computer as if it was a phone call "Skype". Today we are able to talk to family and friends through Skype which is a video phone call. We are able to do this on a computer or even on our phones. On a weekly basis I talked to my oldest sister who just moved to Japan about 5 months ago. Today we have air planes that are controlled from someone sitting in a control room in Maryland and the air crafted is in the middle east. A remote controlled air plane that can be controlled from so far away blows my mind. What will we create next? My experience with digital media is very small; I do have a face book account, and a twitter. I also use Skype. Other then those websites and video chat i have very little digital media experience.